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When John Mark moved to the DC area in 2002, he joined the pop punk band, Plan 15, with Pete Martone on bass and vocals, Kevin Scandal on guitar and Alan Slimak on drums. it was Pete's project, and he decided shortly thereafter to put Plan 15 on hold and begin playing RCR songs. Scandal moved out of the area before this, making RCR a three-piece with John Mark on guitar and vocals. This album is the result of this second incarnation of ROCKET CITY RIOT.

Within a few months, Dave Seiden joined the band on lead guitar, and added a new depth to the band's sound with his furious noodling approach to guitar playing.

Martone's approach to bass playing is to give it all and then some and his experience with pop songs adds a unique perspective on the mostly hard-rocking tunes on this record.

Slimak's background is in metal, and it is no more apparent on the recordings he has made for RCR than here. Double bass and a kit of a thousand toms add punch and fever to the basic approach to songwriting John Mark took on these songs.

At this time, John Mark was still a relatively new songwriter, and it shows here with an eclectic mix of pop, rock and punk songs. More a collection of singles than a cohesive album, POP KILLER still shines brightly and stands as a testament to the brief period of time when the band performed regularly and refined their sound on the stage rather than in the studio.

Many of the songs are re-recordings of demos from 2000 and 2001 which appeared later on the collection Middle Age Suicide in 2006 on Magnatune.com, but the others were written by John Mark during this period.

The new songs are Down With Her, Feel Alive, Oh My Nadine, Mine Tonite, Junkyard Girlfriend, Cut Me Out and The Sinner. The rest are re-recorded versions of earlier demos.

This version of POP KILLER includes three exclusive bonus tracks recorded live in studio for WMUC in College Park , Md. in 2003.


released November 1, 2003

All songs by John Mark King


all rights reserved


Track Name: Mister Right
I’m gonna fuck you up
My love is outta sight
High-octane mother fuck, yeah
I do this every night

My mind is over dressed
My head is water-tight
It’s not that easy honey
To be you’re mister right

I’m gonna be your mister right
I’m gonna knock you outta sight
I’m gonna be your mister right
I’m gonna knock you outta sight

Hot shit not comin down
Red-lined and outta sight
I’m gonna lock you up
Stick you with dynamite

My mind is over dressed
My head is water-tight
It’s not that easy honey
To be you’re mister right
Track Name: Down With Her
Tonight I feel like I’m in a dream
I’m flying I see everything
Was it something I had to drink
Or am I coming apart at the seams

She’s standing right here in front of me
She wrote the words and she’s starting to sing
Something about a Chevrolet
And a boy and girl and a Saturday

It’s like I’m flying and I
Don’t every wanna come back down
Oh yeah

I wanna get down with her tonight
It’s the only place I wanna be

I’m turning into a brand new me
Thanks to the ??? I can finally see
Every moment is Friday night
She’s the sky and I’m lost at sea

I’m all alone on a movie screen
I’m ready to play my big scene
All the pieces fall into place
Now that I know what I wanna be
Track Name: Feel Alive
Just like you need I’m a beast on your pretty face
Fuck you up rotten love I’m a head case
Got a knife gonna loose my tension
In my head I feel the friction

This feeling inside
I took it all and it ate me alive
I’m bleeding out my feelings, yeah

I’m gonna be just who I wanna be
You’re gonna give all your love right to me
I gotta find my sin salvation
You’re the means of my damnation

This feeling inside
I took it all and it ate me alive
My hands are being tied
I’m all alone and feel alive
I’m bleeding out my feelings, yeah
I’m bleeding out my feelings, yeah
Track Name: Oh My Nadine
She’s got what I need and
I gotta have it everyday if I can
Oh my Nadine

My life is ending can’t you see that
You the only girl I wanna be with
I’m bleeding out my heart
I can’t go on
Track Name: I'm Gonna Make You Bleed
Don’t bother talking it’s the same
I’m sick of taking all the blame
Don’t even call me on the phone
I’m not afraid to be alone

I’m gonna make you bleed
For what you done to me

My love was never free to take
You got it all and made it hate
All of the rage you see in me, yeah
It’s gonna make me set you free, yeah
Track Name: Do You Want Me
She’s in a cage like a rat you can’t keep her
Fool around with a man cause he hates
I’m in love it’s a bad situation
Inside my head she’s my medication

Do you want me
I gotta know tonight
Do you want me
A funny feeling inside
Do you want
Feels like I’m gonna die

It’s gonna be all right
It’s gonna take all night

I’m afraid of the things she tells me
Making plans like she don’t believe me
I’m afraid of the confrontation
She’s in need of my best persuasion
Track Name: Mine Tonite
She’s got me running a fever
She’s got me feeling all right
I’m finding every day that I need her
To tuck the covers at night

Before my life was caving in
Her loving made me high again

This time I’m never gonna say goodnight
I’ve got to make her mine tonight

I’ve got a little fire inside me
It burned a hole in my heart
So many reasons I’m finding
To hope where never apart
Track Name: She Is All I Ever Wanted
She’s my baby she makes me feel all right
She’s my Friday night lover she’s outta sight
I love her so much I just can’t help myself
I don’t want her to grow up and love someone else

She is all I ever wanted
She is all I ever need
She is all I ever wanted
She’s everything to me

She’s my baby she gets me every night
Under the covers she wants to hold me tight
I need her so much I just can’t help myself
I’m never gonna grow up and love someone else
Track Name: Hypodermic
Baby went to med school
Says that I’m real sick
I’m degenerated
My skull is 10 feet thick

She’s real good with needles
Sticks me twice a day
I don’t know what she gives me
But it makes me feel OK

I love her bedside manner but there’s one thing on my mind
There’s a rash on my ass and my straight jacket’s too tight

She gets under my skin
Let the infection begin
She gets under my skin

Takin’ me for a joyride
In a stolen Ambulance
Givin’ me thorazine
Cause she wants in my pants

Gives me all her lovin’
I wonder what the hell she
Puts in my IV
Track Name: Nitro Doll
She’s got an atom bomb
She’s gonna blow me out
My little nitro doll
She likes to scream and shout

She’s daddy’s little girl
A rocket in my vein
She’s mommy’s little thrill
Give me something for the pain

We’re burying the needle
She’s not afraid to feel
We’re burying the needle
She’s not afraid to feel

She’s not invincible
Track Name: Junkyard Girlfriend
I got a girlfriend she’s fine you know she’s playing with the needle all day
She’s got the body of a goddess and she’s doing everything that I say
I give her all that she wants just to keep her from going away

She likes to listen to my music in the morning and in the night
She says she’s never gonna grow up but I’m thinking that she just might
She likes to dance the mashed potato till the dawning of morning light

I keep her locked up in the closet so the other fellas don’t get smart
Ain’t nobody in the world ever gonna tear us apart
She’s my junkyard girlfriend and I’m keeping her close to my heart
Track Name: Cut Me Out
I’m runnin hot I’m chewin on a razor blade
Tonight I’m changin all the little plans you made
Drive through the night in the red do you feel the flame
After the fire nothin's ever gonna be the same

The hate inside me
It’s all I wanted

Cut me out I’m a demon baby for your love
Scream and shout we gonna do just what your dreamin of

We're waiting for the time
To come alive

Feeling alright she's a fever got a hold of me
Curl up inside me girl I’ll show you everything
No end in sight in the streets I know you love to hate
This love is hot can't you feel it baby radiate
Track Name: The Sinner
She’s the girl with the ugly face
I’m the man in an angry place
I’m gonna love you baby in your skin
I’m the devil gonna make you sin

Dance together momma 1 2 3